An apple, a dilemma

on a treeWhen you have apples on your shopping list and wander into a supermarket, what decisions do you make around which apple/s to purchase

  • Is it around cost? or which is cheaper?? is this your only consideration???
  • Is it around whether it is certified organic? That the trees themselves have not been sprayed with nasty chemicals??? If so are the large farm/agribusiness organic or small sustainable farm produce from the local area???
  • If they are certified organic, are they local produce?   How far have they travelled before they were put out for sale???

How many of us walk into a produce stare and don’t consider any of these things and just skim the surface of those moments of life rushing around throwing likely things in a basket and out again as fast as we can.

In that we are sometimes like pond insects skimming the surface and not living deeply and mindfully in each moment.  It makes me wonder how much more rewarding our every moment would be, were we to choose and act to live within each moment wringing


2 thoughts on “An apple, a dilemma

  1. In living so deeply, my dear, you expand more energy, get more involved (therefore more likey to get hurt), and then you miss the simple things in life. You don’t have the time to indulge in moments.. however rich they are. Appreciate it from afar I say xoxox

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