On small blocks of urban land repurposed boxes, wardrobe drawers and tires are sprouting bushes of sgae and rosemary, rows of carrots, stalks of corn and heads of brocolli.  This is the result of locals commandeering under utilised space for a practical purpose.

The images above are the comfortably sized baclony that drapes itself around two sides of the unit I live in.  At the moment this space is used for teen “hanging”, the occasional lazy weekend chat over coffee or tea with friends – and this space may still be used for that purpose once I have invested time and effort into transforming it.

I intend to keep an eye out for the next council cleanup (where large amounts of discarded furniture and odds and ends are discarded for the council to dump) and will cherry pick to find what may be useful to develop my urban garden.  Did you know that 80% of the goodness in flour is gone within 24 hours of milling?  It makes me wonder how much the disconnect between local good food availability, and freshness contributes to increasing levels of cholesterol and diabetes and allergies in these developed societies???

So I am going to attempt to grow my own wheat, on a limited scale.  Certainly a variety of herbs and seasonal vegetables, too.

Also I am considering installing a biodynamic aviary and encouraging honeybees.  Stop back occasionally and I will update you on my progress – this work/project in progress.

This is about appreciating beauty and quality.  It is about limiting waste and sustainability.  This is about responsibility. And love.


Please let me know what you think

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