Eating Plan

As so many are looking to drop a few “holiday” pounds/kilos, I thought I would share my week’s meal plan with you.  I have dropped 26 kilos since 1 August, NOT by starving, but rather by eating well, three times a day plus snacks and exercising.  In other words, treating my body with love and respect and not blowing out portion sizes for purely instant short term satisfaction.

Thursday:  Breakfast – half cup baked beans, 1 slice whilegrain toast, 1 cup skim milk.  Lunch – 1 wholegrain roll, 50g ( 2 thin slices) lean shaved ham, avocado as a spread ( instead of butter) lettuce, tomato, grated carrot, 1 nectarine ( but any other season fruit) Dinner: thread 100gm chicken chunks ( skinless) with pieces of zucchini, capsicum, mushroom and tomato onto a sprig of rosemary and grill. Serve with half cup rice and a side salad oflettuce, tomato and grated carrot.  Dessert (or snack): half a cup tinned fruit salad in natural juice with 1 c low fat custard.

I am doing this in response to a good friend who asked me how I work out what to put on my menu plan.  Simple, really.  I run the numbers.  I know what my body needs just to breathe.  I know how much energy I will use with my daily exercise and I know how may kilojoules/calories less I need to eat to lose at least a kilo a week.  I work back from there and check portion sizes, what I may want or like to eat and eliminate things which give very little gain for chewing up a days worth of kilojoules.

Come back daily and I will share.


Please let me know what you think

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