Chicken Pad Thai


Tonight’s dinner was home made, minimal fat pad thai! I must admit I worked to reproduce the flavours and cut down a whole wad of calories.

Take 150gms rice noodles and cover with boiling water for 5 minutes and set aside.  Mix 2 teaspoons brown sugar with 1 tablespoon fish sauce and two tablespoons lime juice.  Stir  until sugar is dissolved and then set aside also.

Thinly slice 1 peeled onion, dress and slice 1 capsicum ( bell pepper), wash and slice diagonally into thin slices 2 medium sized carrots, and 1 green zucchini.  Broccoli also goes nicely in this.  Measure 1 cup of bean sprouts.

Spray a wok with olive oil spray and add 300gms of sliced chicken or firm tofu and stir fry until golden.  Remove from pan and set aside.   Spray the pan again.  Add sliced onion and stir fry for 2 minutes.  Add capsicum, carrots and zucchini and stir fry for 3 minutes.  Add bean sprouts and stir fry for 1 more minute.  Add combined sauces and well drained soaked rice noodles as well as the chicken and/or tofu and stir fry for 5 further minutes.  Serve sprinkled with 2 tablespoons of crushed peanuts and garnished with wedges of lime.

This was absolutely delicious.  What more it is only 670kjs – 160 calories.  This recipe generously serves 4.


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