Lo Carb Organic Beef Mini Burgers – ED 3 Compliant

*     Two large field mushrooms

*     125 gms organic beef – minced

*     quarter of an avocado

*     leaves of baby spinach and rocket

*     a toothpick

*     smoked paprika

*     Himalayan rock salt / or sea salt

In January I began following an Elimination Diet offered by Dax Moy.  He offers a free download containing the diet and supplementation basics and the explanations for this  I chose to commit myself to 30 days at Level 3.

After an horrendous first three days where I gave up sugar, anything and everything processed and coffee and sodas, everything cleared and my body has worked with me to develop strength and eliminate excess fat every since.

The change has been dramatic.

One of the challenges for me has been to take recipes and what appears “normal” ways of eating and adapt to suit the dietary rules.  PLEASE NOTE:  Diet as a choice of what to eat – NOT diet as a restricted torturous period of denial.  (Change of focus and perception here).  No breads.  No rice.  No refined or packaged.

The pictures above are of my version of beef burgers.

  • slice the field mushrooms down the meaty section of the cap and lay these aside.
  • Heat a heavy frying pan
  • take half the organic beef mince add some paprika and a pinch of Himalayan rock salt , work the spices through with my hands and form a very flatround disk, and lay this in the hot pan.  This cooks ultra quickly due to the fact it is so thin and superb meat.
  • when both patties are cooked I set them aside on a plate.
  • I place a single layer of thickly sliced field mushroom caps in the pan,pour in a small quantity of filtered water and place a close fitting lid over the top to steam.
  • When the water has evaporated or been absorbed by the mushroom caps, remove these from the pan using an egg(or fish ) slice
  • place thick mushroom slice flat side up on a serving plate.
  • Cut patty in half then half again.
  • Spread meat with avocado,
  • layer in baby spinach and rocket leaves
  • top with other quarter of meat patty
  • top with top slice of steamed mushroom
  • finally skewer through with a toothpick to hold its shape.


This is a delicious healthy meal for one 🙂



Please let me know what you think

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