Meatfree Monday

For the next four weeks, I have designated EACH Monday as meatfree.  As such I shall come up with something a little “interesting” from a food perspective and will experiment, posting what I do on here.  But for the moment, I am heading into work, while my mind plots tonights feast – how about mushroom pasties using a pastry made from eggs/coconut flour/almond meal/sunflower seeds filled with a ragout of three types of mushrooms with english spinach and kale with lime juice, caramelised onion and garlic to spice and season?

Tonight everyone!!!!!

Breakfast will be a couple of hard boiled eggs and some green juice ( celery/cucumber/english spinach with half a lemon) and Lunch a salad of mixed green leaves with a handful of raw soaked and dried cashews with a tablespoon or two of lentils ) soaked and precooked).

BUT dinner will be the piece de resistance…..

Later everyone 🙂


Please let me know what you think

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