Raw Anzac Truffles

raw anzac truffles1/2 cup (120g) cashews
1/3 cup (30g) sesame seeds
1/3 cup (30g) desiccated coconut
2/3 cup (60g) rolled oats
Pinch Himalayan salt
1/3 cup golden syrup (can use maple syrup or agave for a truer raw status, but the flavour will be less Anzac-like)
2 tsp vanilla

Place the cashews, sesame seeds, coconut, oats, and salt in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped.

Add in the golden syrup and vanilla and pulse until the mixture clumps together and can be rolled into balls (you can add a little water if needed).

Roll into balls and store in the fridge, if you can stop yourself eating them. NB: To save for future use store in the freezer and bring to room temperature when you are ready to eat them!

Thanks for the image and recipe goes to:     http://wayfaringchocolate.com/

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