Everywhere you look, or read, once is bombarded with GLOBAL messages…..Globalisation, expansion, multinational, …..  Yet we are all living in a local community. THIS IS A What if..……..

……Instead of expansion and thinking growth and mega and huge, what if each of us began to mindfully in each moment think about the small choices we make daily and the true impact of those choices?

A “locavore” is ‘ Someone who eats exclusively – or at least primarily – food from their local area.’ according to localfoods.about.com  It was also the Oxford dictionary’s word of 2007.

The locavore philosophy is about sustainability, consideration of the total cost of food ( including hidden costs like transport and packaging ) and health and nutrition.

I am a MORE THAN A little passionate about good wholesome locally grown food and am researching Farmers’ Markets and frequency and intend to visit, photograph and assess what is available documenting and commenting here to share what I discover.

When I left school ALLLLLLLLLLLLLlllllllllllllllllllllllll those years ago I became involved in an environmental organisation, and was very passionate about it.  This was before tree huggers or environmental issues became “fashionable”.   Since then I have maintained an interest.

Across life and across the world I have lived in more countries than most people live years, and observed and lived under many different religious and political systems, castes and cultures, eating totally imported food as well as locally grown and distributed things.  I have stored water and food in 44 gallon drums in case of coups or war/s, or lockdown/s… and gave birth to and raised 7 children.

During that time I have become committed to the belief that we should not be living in huge metropolises – rather we should live in smaller communities, growing and making as much as we can of our needs and totally abolishing money – instead bartered excess goods would be ‘currency.”  I believe living like this we would be more connected with the world we live in, as well as with others and we would be occupied productively, and happier.

Please remember these are my theories.

This is also where the part of me committed to sustaining the local community, and eating good locally produced food and which stays as healthy as possible has it’s voice.


Please let me know what you think

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